About Big Sky Coaches

With more than 20 years in the transportation industry, Big Sky Coaches offers our customers:

  • reliable vehicles,
  • professional drivers and
  • competitive prices with
  • highly customised and personal solutions for individual customer needs.

Our Vision, Mission, Values and procurement


Our Vision

To continue being the Central Region’s most preferred operator of high quality, customer driven service in the passenger transport industry.

Our Mission

We provide a reliable, safe and punctual passenger transport service in a sustainable manner throughout Southern Africa.

Our Values

Our driving force is Quality. Our sense of Passion gears us up for Excellence in all spheres. We strive for Integrity in all our dealings.


Empowerment success has to be shared with others and therefore we have a procurement policy that favours BEE compliant suppliers. We believe that in this manner we are assisting these companies in growing their respective businesses.

Safety and technical

Thorough and careful inspection of our vehicles prior to any trip, as well as a preventative maintenance policy ensures that the highest level of reliability can be placed on our fleet.

Our technical staff also offers 24-hour maintenance assistance to all our coaches while on route.

Our drivers receive comprehensive training prior to their appointment, and annual re-training in line with the required standards of RTMS. We set our standards high when it comes to the safety and comfort of our passengers.

Training comprises of the following:

  • Safety
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Practical driving techniques
  • Customer relations (which ensures speedy repairs of coaches)